How To Start Amazon Prime Trial Free 30 Days.

Amazon has been a top spot for renting movies and TV shows. Soon they realized the potential of streaming services, which is why Prime video came into existence. Amazon has clubbed Shopping, streaming, and reading together and the user can avail the bouquet by subscribing to Amazon subscription. Amazon Prime free trial is an opportunity to try out the mix of everything Amazon has to offer. Amazon Prime providing several benefits to the consumers in the form of video library as well as purchasing.

Amazon offers various plans tailored to the collected targeted audience. A shopper who loves to watch TV shows and movies would definitely get Amazon prime while an individual who is only looking for streaming will be good with Prime video. These both are different subscription and Amazon offer a free trial for both of these services.

Amazon Prime Vs Prime Video

Most of the users think Amazon Prime and Prime Video are the same. But they are not. There are few, but there are certain differences. Let’s check them out:

Amazon Prime subscription leads you to have full access to the Video library as well as other benefits in shopping. The subscription consists of Amazon prime music, shipping, reading library, and Video. Amazon Video is a part of the subscription of Amazon prime along with other services.

Amazon Video is a standalone service for which you can subscribe and have access to all Tv and Movie content.  Users would only get to use Amazon Video content and no all other benefits that Amazon prime offers in this particular subscription.

How To Start Amazon Prime Free Trial?

amazon prime free trial

From the above-listed plans, you can figure out the best subscription that fits in your need. You can get hold of all the content for free with 30 days prime free trial. Here’s how how you can get Amazon Prime free trial:

For availing free benefits, you must have a valid card from which your subscription fee will deduct. This is done to avoid users subscribing with dead cards. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for subscription during the trial period.

  • Firstly log in to Amazon prime website. You can directly visit Amazon Prime or Prime Video from the below link.

Get Amazon Prime | Get Prime Video

  • After selecting Amazon prime trial or Prime Video, you just need to create an account and add payment details.
  • Next, you would be taken to create your Amazon account. If you already have a registered account, then simply log in, if not, create one.
  • Fill in your card details, and a minuscule amount will b deducted from the account for verification of card.
  • At the end of the free trial period, subscription charges would be deducted. You can cancel membership at any point in time.

Amazon Prime Features

1. Free 2 day shipping

The most amazing feature of the subscription is receiving two-day shipping on more than  100 million items on Amazon. In certain cities, the order can be delivered on the same day itself, making shopping experience smooth and speedy. Free shipping is available on several orders, but it can take 6-7 working days

2. Sharing Subscription

If a user has subscribed to Amazon prime, he/she can share the subscription benefits with four other users on the same address letting your family enjoy the prime features.

3. Unlimited viewing of Video Library

Prime lets you watch unlimited Amazon prime video content having various genre movies, web series, and TV shows. The original content of Amazon prime is also available to view to the users.

4. Access to Reading Library

Users have access to Amazon prime Kindle library where they can read from available thousands of books, comics, and magazines.

6. Enjoy Unlimited Music

With a playlist of more than 2 million songs, users can enjoy unlimited music streaming with Amazon Prime subscription.

7. Early Access to prime sales

Whenever Amazon comes with Prime day or Flash sales, prime users have benefited over non-prime Users. They would either have one-day early access to discounted items or 30-minute early access.

8. Photo Storage with Amazon prime Photos

There is an Amazon Cloud Drive where you can store your photos and videos (unlimited), which could be accessed from your desktop as well as a smartphone.

9. One Free e-book every month

Choosing one book every month from the Kindle library to download and read.

Is There Any Discount on Amazon Prime?

Talking about any discounts on  Amazon prime subscription, then EBT and Medicaid qualify for a discounted rate of $5.99 for 48 months and they also offer prime student discounts where college-going students get a half-yearly free subscription and post free trail one can avail prime benefits at a 50% discounted price. You can even gift an Amazon prime yearly or three-month subscription to any of your relatives or friends.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial?

After starting Amazon prime free trial for 30 days, if any point you want to cancel your trial subscription, you can do that easily with few steps. There is no commitment and contract and users won’t be charged within the trial period.

  • Log on to the Amazon and go to the Accounts section.
  • There you will have the option of cancelling free prime trial option.
  • Click on it, and very quickly, your trial subscription would be cancelled and same would be notified through your registered email.

Amazon Prime or Prime Video – Best Value for Money?

Amazon is among one of the largest online retailers providing goods and more to the users. Amazon Prime is a paid subscription for the users to enjoy unlimited streaming of video, music, and reading content. While Amazon video only consists of a video library, Amazon prime lets you enjoy video library plus music and reading library and two-day free shipping on most of the eligible items.

Amazon prime subscription costs $12.99/month ($119 annually) while Amazon Video costs $8.99/month every month. Both have the option of a 30-day free trial where subscribers can enjoy all the services for free.

Users would be benefited much more with Amazon prime as it includes all services, while Video is a standalone service with only access to unlimited Video Streaming library. It is an individual choice to choose the option of providing the best value for their money. It’s better to go with Amazon Prime free trial as you get Prime video too without paying a buck. Once the trial is over, you can downgrade to prime video or keep using the Amazon Prime subscription.

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