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Amazon Prime is one of the most significant streaming subscription services in today’s Video-on-demand market. Amazon Prime is a collection of Prime Video, shopping, music, and book. When compared to its competitor, it’s priced a little expensive. Hulu basic plan is cheap while Netflix offers a huge library of content in lesser amount. If you are a student, these subscriptions could add extra burden on your pocket. This is where Amazon Prime Student account becomes significant. A student gets 6 months of free trial and after that, it’s almost half the amount of regular subscriber pay.

Amazon Prime Student includes free delivery of any eligible product, faster delivery, Prime Video services, Prime Music services and many other. You also get exclusive offers on your account, and these are the offers that you won’t see on the standard account. Although it is very easy to buy an Amazon Prime service, it does come with a student service too. So today we will discuss how to start Amazon Prime Student trial and prerequisites for creating one.

How Much is Amazon Prime For Students

Amazon Prime Student is a relatively cheaper version of the Amazon Prime, and it is specially offered to the college students. You also get to see exclusive deals on Amazon Prime Day, and you also get access to Amazon’s Off-to-College store. It offers you the same benefits as the standard Amazon Prime at a relatively lower price.

Amazon Prime Regular

  • $12.99/month.
  • 30 Days Free.
  • Prime Video.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Music Streaming.
  • One Day Delivery.
  • Unlimited Reading.

Amazon Prime Student

  • $6.49/monthly.
  • 6 Months Free.
  • Prime Video.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Music Streaming.
  • One Day Delivery.
  • Unlimited Reading.

Amazon Prime today costs you $119 per year, but if you opt for Amazon Prime Student, then you can get Amazon Prime for $59 per year or $6.49 per month. You also get a free and limited six-months trial period for this. Only verified students can get this free trial, and after your graduation, you need to renew your membership at $119 per year. Students also have to pay taxes if they live in California, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin or West Virginia.

Amazon Student also has a referral program that pays to both the students who are being referred as well as the one who is the referrer.

Requirement For a Prime Student Account
If you want to get the Amazon Prime Student account you need to have a valid .edu email address, and you need to be a student at one of the US colleges, and it can be any community college too. You also need to have a valid payment card and a valid address. You cannot get the Amazon Prime Student account if you don’t have a valid .edu email address. During the trial, the Amazon Prime subscription will cost you $6.49/month or $59/year up through graduation after your free trial ends.

How To Start The Prime Student Trial

Getting started with the Amazon Prime Student trial is same as creating a free Prime account. You just need to follow some steps to get started. Below are the steps you need to get started.

  • Visit the Amazon student trial link. You can add follow this link and then enter your email address or your phone number.
  • If you don’t have an Amazon account, then you need to sign up by entering your name, email and at least 6-character password.
Amazon Prime Student account
Enter Your Details.
  • Now, if you want to sign up for the Amazon Prime Student account, you need to enter your .edu email address. Then you need to enter your college and then select the college from the dropdown.
  • Also, you can try it as a student if you don’t have the .edu email address and you can do that using the school documentation. This can be a school ID or class list.
  • After this, enter your other graduation details and then enter your valid credit card information. You will be get charged on this credit card after your trial expires.
  • Now enter your billing and shipping address with the phone number and also enter your valid address.

Now, after you get your all information verified, you will get your Amazon Prime Student account.

How To Cancel The Prime Student Trial

Well, in any case, if you want to cancel the Prime Student trial, then it is relatively easy, and you can do it any time. So below are the steps to do it.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Now go to ‘Manage Your Prime Membership’.
  3. Go to Prime Central.

Now Click ‘End Membership’.

  1. Select, ‘End My Benefits’,
  2. Now click on ‘End Membership’.
Cancel Prime student trial
End Membership

Now after your cancellation, if you want to reinstate your Prime Student membership, then you would no longer be allowed to get the Prime Student six month trial membership. You would only be eligible for the Prime student paid membership which will cost you $6.49 per month or $59 annually.

With this stepwise guide, you would be able to create a prime student account. If not a student, you may try other similar services and enjoy the free trial offer and watch the content during the offer period. Do remember Neptunofilms for more such useful stuff.

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