CBS All Access Free Trial – How To Start & Cancel

For all those who are aspiring to watch CBS network live instead of cable TV, CBS All Access is the service for you. Standalone service gives you the freedom to create your own package where you can only opt for the Network you watch most. CBS All Access free trial is definitely a step closure to that freedom. Priced at $5.99/mn for the base variant, you can grab all the action with CBS All Access. This covers all your local CBS news, sports, shows, much more.

Outside the USA, CBS All Access is right now available in other countries, too, Canada and Australia. Well, all the programs are not available in both nations because of program rights and existing content deals. Here, I’ll tell you different ways to try CBS All Access for free without paying for 7 days. This implies to both the plans CBS has. A subscriber won’t be charged during the trial period and continuing using if CBS fits in your TV arrangement.

Start CBS All Access Free Trial

You can subscribe to free trial anytime, and all you need to start your free trial of CBS All Access is just an email address or cell phone number. The company doesn’t have any hidden policies, and everyone new subscribers can get this offer anytime.

1.  To start your trial, visit the CBS official website and click “try it free”.

cbs all access free trial

2. Pick your plan. You can try $5.99 per month or $9.99 per month one.  Not to forget, you can save $15 off on total billing if you pick the annual plan. This needs commitment. Stick with basic. You can upgrade any to the annual plan after trying trial.

CBS plan
Choose Your Plan

3. Enter your details with the Zip code. Be genuine with your Zipcode as CBS will use it to show you CBS local channels.

4. Enter your payment details and set up the account. There are two options for payment. You can try a credit card or PayPal. You need to have an American credit card or Paypal account in order to start your CBS account.

CBS Payment method


5. Confirm account through email received on your mailing account and finish all the setup. This is all you need to start CBS All Access free trial. Watch 7 days for free and you won’t be charged before that.

If you decide to subscribe to the service later, you need to pay at least $5.99 so that you can continue streaming. You can simultaneously watch two streams at a time, and you can upgrade your plan too.

CBS All Access Through Amazon Prime

Amazon has partnered with many standalone services like Showtime, Starz, HBO, CBS, and many more. If you own an Amazon Prime account you can easily add CBS All Access through Prime channels for same money it’s priced. You won’t get additional benefits but this could simplify and bundle up your streaming service.

CBS All Access Through Showtime

All showtime subscribers can add CBS through Showtime account. Just visit your Showtime account setting and add a package under subscription. If you are still using a showtime free trial, you won’t be able to add commercial-free CBS. The combined package of CBS + Showtime is priced at $14.99/mn.

How Long is The CBS All Access Trial?

CBS All Access allows you to watch free content for seven days. You can watch all the content for free on any device, and once you are all signup, you would have no worries viewing your content. If you don’t want to continue your free services, you can cancel your subscription anytime with seven days.

If you don’t do it, then you would be charged at least $5.99 based on your plan, and you can upgrade your plan to a commercial-free plan too. For watching shows like Star Trek, CBS is all you need, and you can view this content anytime and anywhere you want.

How To Cancel CBS All Access?

You can easily cancel your CBS All Access free trial, and to do so, you need to follow the given steps. Here are the steps:

  1. First, sign in to your CBS All Access account via CBS home page.
  2. Then go to Account tab and at the top right-hand corner select CBS All Access Account from the dropdown menu.
  3. Next, on your account page, you would see Cancel my subscription option located near the bottom.
  4. Then click on Cancel my subscription.
  5. Then you would be asked a confirmation question, and after answering it, you would be able to cancel your account finally.
  6. In the last step, you would be asked your reason for cancellation, and then you would receive a confirmation email.

CBS All Access trial for 7 days is definitely worth trying out. Right now, I have clubbed CBS with Hulu basic + Netflix + Philo. As a cable cutter, I’m not paying more than $50 for streaming service. Using free trial will give you a fair chance to enjoy service and explore the content.

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