Is HGTV Network on Hulu? Find HGTV Live & Shows

Home & Garden Television, mostly known as HGTV is an infamous satellite and cable TV channel. The channel was launched in the year 1994. The owner of the channel is none other than the popular company Discover, Inc. The channel uses a very sweet line called ‘Home starts here’s as their slogan.  The primary contents of the channel are reality shows based on real estate and home improvement.  In the year 2015, the channel gained a huge fanbase as more than 1 million viewers. In the year 2016 HGTV took the position of number 3 in the list of most watched TV channels in the United States.

During the developmental period, the channel was known as Home, Lawn, and Garden channel. But later they shortened the name and developed a logo for the new one. The channel has achieved immense popularity all over the globe.  The full name of the channel is now basically de-emphasized as people know it as ‘HGTV’. With more than 94 million viewers, HGTV has become one of the renowned cable TV networks!

Why is HGTV popular?

There are plenty of reasons that this cable network is so popular across the world. We say, Content is the King- in today’s era content can make or break a channel’s reputation. HGTV has been consistent with the quality of content it airs. Being owned by the Discovery, Inc is one amongst the reasons for its popularity.

The channel basically airs shows related to real estate, home building, remodeling, and various reality shows based on house and real estate.  According to the reports, in the year 2016, the channel has invested approximately $400 million for the creation of original content annually. Apart from the United States, the channel has been launched in the following countries:  Canada, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Poland, etc.

HGTV Network on Hulu

Hulu is the new age web-based podium which is giving a tough competition to Netflix.  There are tonnes of channels which are available on Hulu and HGTV is one amongst them.  Yes, HGTV is now on Hulu. You can watch the pre-recorded shows of HGTV on Hulu. If you like the art of remodeling and house building the HGTV is the one-stop destination for you. All you need to do is subscribe to Hulu and start watching your favorite shows on it.  Below is the list of the most popular shows of HGTV which are available on Hulu.

Hgtv Shows on Hulu
HGTV on Hulu
  • Fixer Upper
  • House Hunters
  • Love it or List it
  • Property Brothers
  • Caribbean life
  • Property brothers: buying
  • Flip or Flop
  • Desert flippers
  • Beach hunters
  • Island hunters
  • Tiny house hunters
  • Good bones
  • Container Homes
  • Brother vs Brother
  • Tiny luxury
  • Tiny house, big living

The subscription plans of Hulu are pretty reliable and you can switch or cancel your plan anytime you want.  The basic Hulu pack is an ad-supported one and it charges you $5.99/month. The next one is ad-free and charges you $11.99/month. These plans provide you a free trial period of one month before the charging begins. If ad pop up annoys you, then it is wise to go for the ad-free plan.

Is HGTV Network on Hulu Live?

A lot of you are already a fan of Hulu live. We know that the live TV options that it features is pretty amazing and gives you a complete television experience.  HGTV is available on Hulu live as well. You can watch the network live on Hulu live.  Subscribe to Hulu live to enjoy the live streaming of HGTV and several other networks.  To subscribe, go to the official website of Hulu and choose the plan for Hulu live. The plan charges you $43.99/ month. It also gives you a free trial period of one week. With this plan, you not only gain access to the Hulu live but in addition to that, you get access to the entire Hulu library.  Hulu and its services are getting popular day by day. Subscribe today to watch HGTV and several other networks!

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