10 Top Hulu Original Series Ranked

Nowadays Hulu is grabbing all the limelight. It is pretty easy to spot any of your favorite show on Hulu very easily as the podium has innumerable shows and networks in store for you. Apart from the famous shows of the superhit channels, you can binge watch some of the fabulous series produced by the website itself. Yes, they have plenty of them and if you cannot make up your mind regarding which are the best original Hulu series to binge watch then let us make it easier for you. We are going to give you a list of the top 10 original Hulu series. We have given the ranks based on both critic and user reviews.

The best part is I personally love these shows and from past 3 months I have been dedicating all my Sundays in eating pizza and binge-watching the Hulu Originals. Now, let’s talk about the top 10 best Hulu original series. I have tried to insert all the information about each series as a description.

The Hulu Original Series To Watch Right Now

1. The Handmaid’s Tale (8.6/10)

This show is ranked as the no 1 original series on Hulu. It is a dystopian fiction series created by the supremely talented Bruce Miller.  The show is based on the Margaret Atwood novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. The first episode of the first season aired on 26th April 2017. Since then there’s no looking back, the show received great reviews and responses from the critics as well as the viewers. The makers of the show opted for a season 2 which premiered on 25th April 2018. The plot deals with a dystopian future where women are deprived of their rights and used as reproductive machines, they are made submissive through several tortures. An Elizabeth Moss gave an outstanding performance. Samira Wiley, Joseph Fiennes, and many others are equally commendable who try to fight against the fundamentalist government.  Both the seasons are incredible!

2. The Act (8.5/10)

This show ranks as the no 4 in the list. The story is inspired by the real-life incidents of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. The first episode aired on 20th March 2019. It sheds light on the murder of Dee Dee Blanchard (Gypsy’s mother). Dee Dee suffered from psychiatric factitious disorder and the consequences of the disease had made her daughter’s life a living hell. This crime-drama has received many critical acclamations from the critics.

3. The Looming Tower (8/10)

We have ‘The Looming Tower’ at no 6. The plot deals with the rising threat of extremists like Osama bin Laden during the 1990s. It traces the rivalry and its consequences between CIA and FBI. The series premiered on 28th February 2018 on Hulu. It has received positive responses from the viewers and critics as well.  The show stars Jeff Daniels, Bill Camp, Wrenn Schmidt, Tahar Rahim in the primary roles.

4. Future Man (7.9/10)

We have ‘Future Man’ at the no 9 in the list. This is a comedy based web series which premiered on 14th November 2017 on Hulu.  The series revolves around an underachieving janitor who is being appointed to save the globe. The series stars Eliza Coupe, Josh Hutcherson, Ed Begley, Derek Wilson and many more as the primary casts.  The series premiered its second season on 11th January 2019.

5. The Castle Rock (7.7/10)

This show ranked as the no 2. It is inspired by ‘Stephen King’- a show which aired on Hulu in the year 2015. The show stars Jane Lavy, Andre Holland, Sissy Spacek and many more as the primary casts. The plot basically deals with Henry and his past which includes unsolved murder case of his own father. The actors have performed really well and the series has received critical acclamation from the critics and viewers. The makes and producers have announced the second season of the series.

6. Harlot (7.7/10)

Harlot, no 10 in our list is a much talked about series with three seasons. It is a period drama created by Moira Buffini, Alison Newman. The plot revolves around the life of Margaret Wells who is in charge of a brothel and struggling to raise her daughter in a disorderly family. The first season was premiered in the year 2017 on Hulu. The makers came up with these second season in 2018. The series will have its third season too, it will be premiered in 2019 itself.

7. Casual (7.6/10)

This one ranks as the no 3 in the list. The plot revolves around Valerie, played by Michaela Watkins, a middle-aged mother. Her husband left her for a young girl. Valerie lives with Alex (her brother) and Laura(her daughter).  Tommy Dewey plays the character of Alex and his character is pretty much likable.  The comedy-drama has received quite good reviews and responses from the audiences and the series got better with every season.

8. Shrill (7.4/10)

This show ranked as no 7 in the list. It is inspired by the book by Lindy West (Shrill: Notes from a loud woman). It traces the life of Annie, a journalist who is trying to balance her life amongst failed relationships, perfectionist boss and sick parents at home. People around her troll her for being oversized but she tries to love her body type. Though she’s overweight, she has no complaints about her body. The series is a pretty refreshing one for the audience.

9. Runaways (7.2/10)

Runaways hold the position of no 8 in the list. It is inspired by the Marvel Comics superhero group.  The series is created by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz. The story basically revolves around six teenagers who come together to fight against the antagonist team, called ‘Pride’ who’s happened to be their parents. The show stars Rhenzy Feilz, Virginia Gardner, Lyrica Okano, Greg Sulkin, Ariela Barer as the important casts.

10. Difficult people (6.9/10)

we have ‘Difficult people’ at the no 5. This is a dark comedy based web series which premiered on 5th August 2015 on Hulu. The creator of the show is Julie Klausner who stars in the series as one of the protagonists, the other one is Billy Eichner. Both of them have played struggling comedians in the series. The duo lives together in New York and apart from each other, they hate everyone around them.

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