Is The Walking Dead on Hulu? Where To Watch

Is “The Walking Dead” on Hulu? Hulu users are in a dilemma whether they get to stream their favorite show “The Walking Dead” on Hulu or not? Being the best and most-watched show of AMC Network, The Walking Dead has been in great demand among the users. AMC Network has collaborated with Hulu Networks, so there is more of a query if  The Walking Dead on Hulu or not?

Even though AMC network is under Hulu Networks, sadly the widely popular show “The Walking Dead” is not made available for viewers to stream on Hulu.

Even though Hulu is a premium online streaming service, it has not got the hold on to the rights of streaming the TV show. But here comes a sigh of relief.

Even if The Walking Dead is not available to watch on Hulu, Hulu allows you to watch its spin-off named “Fear The Walking Dead”. Yes, the spin-off cannot be equivalent to the original show but its indeed not that bad. With the touch and blitz of the original show, the spin-off offers you the same experience about the two families who are dysfunctional.

If Not The Walking Dead What Else Can You Watch on Hulu?

Hulu has a wide array of curated media which comprises of big channels and networks like CBS, Disney, CNN, TNT, etc. There are several shows like Webster, Beverly Hills, 7th Heaven, etc which are quite popular. With premium channels collaborated with Hulu, in near future, Hulu would be able to provide access to a lot many premium TV shows.

At present their are a few AMC shows you can watch on Hulu online. Here is the list of complete shows streaming on Hulu base plan.

  1. NOS4A2
  2. The Son
  3. The Terror
  4. Preacher
  5. The Killing
  6. Lodge 49
  7. Dietland
  8. Feed The Beast
  9. Fear The Walking Dead

The Possibility of “The Walking Dead” On Hulu Anytime Soon?

There has been no official announcement or grapevine regarding the streaming of the original series, “The Walking Dead” on Hulu. There is no surety as to when Huluers would be able to watch the show on Hulu but there is a silver lining as two years back Hulu signed a deal with AMC gaining the rights to stream new and old TV shows. This does mean that in future Huluers could be able to watch The Walking Dead on Hulu.

The Walking Dead is all about Zombies. Zombies are living dead and their behavior and reactions make the show much interesting to watch. The story moves around Rick Grimes who wins over Coma but gets a zombie Apocalypse leading to unwanted situations.

The show has got an enormously positive response and is currently airing its 7Th season on the AMC network every Sunday.

Where To Watch The Walking Dead?

There are several alternatives available as of now for the viewers to watch The Walking Dead. First of all, as The Walking Dead is aired on the AMC network, it is telecasted on AMC’s website. All the latest episodes are also updated timely on the website.

The other options are Sling TV with a monthly fee of around $20 and on Netflix with $9.99 per month. The Walking Dead is also accessible on iTunes where you need to pay for watching each season and no monthly fees are required.

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