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Content streaming like movies, TV shows, and live TV has taken a leap over the year. The way of watching TV channels has changed completely. With so many TV apps at your disposal, watching live TV is just a few clicks away. One such app is Mobdro that has created a ruckus among streaming community. Mobdro is an Android app which stream channels, movies, TV shows, sports, news, tech, and various different content. It’s very well famous for its TV channels collection.

As per Mobdro app, it scrapes free video links from various sources and made them available to the common public through their platform. At present, Mobdro is only available for Android and claim to install on the iOS device are bogus and misleading. Though the app could be used on Laptop, PC, and TV (using Firestick). There are a few small tweaks you could do. In this article, you will all about Mobdro, its content, and the risk involved in using it.

Mobdro Download | How To Install Mobdro

Now coming down to the exact process of downloading the Mobdro app on your smart devices. Android by default doesn’t let downloading the app from sources other than Google play store. This is to safeguard users from spammy apps. In case of downloading the Mobdro app, you need to change your settings to allow the installation of apk from unknown sources.

mobdro install
Check This Option
  • To install the Mobdro app you first need to get the Settings in the Menu of your phone.
  • Then click on to the “Security” icon. You need to change the default settings into the enabling of unknown sources.
  • Usually, the phone itself asks you to enable the settings or not as it is a smart device after all.
  • Before the process of installations starts you would be asked to give some permission for certain things. Once you have allowed access to it, the Mobdro app will be installed without any hassle.
Mobdro App Details & Specs
App Size
17.7 MB
Updated on
28 April 2020

Is Mobdro Available for iOS?

The Mobdro app was mainly designed to be compatible with Android devices and only works on the Android environment. Any claim of running Mobdro app on an iOS device are completely absurd and misleading. Mobdro has been around for a long but still, developers are in no mood of releasing iOS variant. You can find all the recent developments in this article.

Download Mobdro for PC

There is a simple tweak of installing the Mobdro app on your Windows desktop. This android apk file you can run on your PCs by using some of the best emulator tactics by using the operating system which is available for PC and known as BlueStacks.

There is also another method of downloading the Mobdro by downloading Kodi and installing its add-on features. In both cases, you can make the maximum usage of view your favorite videos and shows on a bigger screen rather than watching on the small screen of your Android devices.

What Content Available on Mobdro?

Coming back to the topic what exactly you can watch on the Mobdro is that it telecasts and allows you to watch all the TV channels available over the Internet free of cost facility. As per claims, it scrapes the stream from all over the internet and present to the users through a platform called Mobdro app. It let users watch TV channels and content like movies, TV shows and documentaries.

Compared with showbox which got shutdown, Mobdro doesn’t have on-demand content. You can only watch that’s streaming at the moment. This is the major drawback that we cannot choose what we want to watch and reject what we don’t want to watch as it works quite like traditional television.

Mobdro App Features

  • You are able to browse through a huge catalogue that contains all the channels aired all over the world. You can sort them according to varied topics and languages in which they are aired. You can simply use the search tool to search for the shows of your interest.
  • You are also allowed to organize and filter the streaming videos according to your preferences
  • You are also allowed to share your favourite videos with other users.
  • If you are accessing the premium version of Mobdro then you can avoid the advertisements interrupting your favorite shows. Plus it also allows you to download your favorite episodes so that you can watch them later at your leisure time.

Mobdro Download FAQs

1. Is Mobdro App Legal?

Well, Mobdro offers many free streams from various sources that are perfectly legal. With that, there are lots of premium content and channels that stream on Mobdro. There is no evidence if Mobdro possesses the rights of these scraped streams. So, Mobdro app falls in the grey area.

2. Are there any Mobdro alternatives?

Yes, Mobdro is not the only app you can use for live TV. There are many platforms which offer free TV without going against the law. Pluto TV, XumoTV, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer are free option while Sling TV, Hulu live TV, Youtube TV, Philo TV are premium ones.

3. How do I install Mobdro on Android?

Installation works similar to any other app. You just need to download Mobdro apk. You can check the download link listed in this article or google the official website. The complete process is listed here.

4. Does Mobdro provide live TV?

Mobdro is a free live stream app that means you watch what’s playing. There is a no-demand option where you can select content from the available library. It’s much like your TV. You got to watch the on-going program.

5. Does Mobdro have HD content?

Mobdro offers multiple quality options. User can upgrade and downgrade the video quality based on network connectivity. It also depends on the type of content.

6. Is Mobdro on Google play?

No, it’s not available on play store. Like many popular apps like Showbox, Moviebox, Mobdro too violates the google privacy and content policy. Though the app is freely available on many websites.

7. Can I use Mobdro on PC?

As stated multiple times, Mobdro app works on Android device like mobile and Tablet. You need to have an emulator installed to run any Android app on PC. If your PC capable of running emulator then yes, you can install Mobdro on PC.

8. Do I need to use VPN?

VPN will mask your online identity but it doesn’t make the wrong choice a right. Watching copyrighted content even with VPN is unlawful. VPN has multiple benefits and the main one is saving you from online threats.


The Mobdro app is only available for Android and the recent crackdowns by many networks have made it risky to use Mobdro. It’s wise to use apps like Prime, Pluto TV, Hotstar, and Hulu for live TV. The fame Mobdro got in past has still worked to get regular installs worldwide. The content offer by Mobdro is unmatched when compared with any other streaming app.

I hope the point made in this guide has cleared all the doubts about Mobdro app download and how to install on your device safely. Now I leave it up to your judgement of choosing the app for you. If you are still reading, do read our other guides on the latest streaming services. You can bookmark us for the very same.

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