A Comprehensive Review of TubiTV Platform

Are you tired of searching the whole internet but failing to find a platform where you can sit relaxed and watch the full-length movies and TV series for free? Well, then your search ends here. TubiTv is one such place where you can watch a plethora of films, and TV shows that too without spending a single penny. TubiTv is a free, ad-supported entertainment platform that can be accessed from many online streaming devices.

Ranging from the fun clips to full-length movies and from TV series to Documentaries – you can watch everything for free which makes TubiTv even more unique and a powerful content provider among its peers. The contents are updated very frequently so that you don’t miss out on a single of your favorite shows.

What Makes TubiTv The Best?

1. Free Registration

Instead of paying bucks on other available online streaming platforms, TubiTv makes it easier for the viewers by allowing them to register for free. Without paying a single penny, one can watch a wide spectrum of contents on TubiTv. You can also view the contents without having an account, but registration provides some impressive features like keeping track of the videos you have and haven’t watched. Dealing with your watch list wasn’t this simple before.

2. User-friendly interface

Similar to Snagfilms platform, UI of TubiTV is so simple that even a six-year-old can use this site without any hassle. Contrasted with its rivals, TubiTV has the best UI which is actually vigorous, yet straightforward and instinctive. The website sorted the thousands of movies, TV shows in an organized library so that the user can easily understand and choose the category. Not only the website but also the app’s revamped interface is sleek and easy to use. Users can also play the videos right after opening the app without any significant delay or lags.

3. Largest Collection of Content

It has the most extensive library of thousands of movies, film videos, critically acclaimed documentaries, TV shows and much more. The website is proud to showcase that it has recently surpassed 50000 titles and is adding new content every week. From kids stuff to Korean movies, TubiTv boasts a vast collection of videos.

High-Definition Quality videos

The videos on TubiTV are of high quality, and the playback window provides various quality options from where the user can select the quality he/she wants to stream as per the network bandwidth. In default, the quality will be in the Auto mode where TubiTv selects the best resolution automatically. The majority of the films are of 720p or 1080p quality, unlike other sites where the user only gets DVD quality.

Less Time For Buffering

Unlike other websites that take so much of time for buffering a video, TubiTv promises less buffering time and satisfies the users with nothing but great watching experience. The data transmission is very fast, and the amount of data loss is minimal. Some videos also allow the users to select the quality based on their data speed like 09 KB/s, 729 KB/s, 862 KB/s, 1,788 KB/s, and 3,355 KB/s. There was limited choppiness, but it never dropped to terribly low quality.

An Abundant Number of  Genres


The website boasts a huge lot of genres such as Comedy, Horror, Action, Science Fiction, Stand-up comedy, Thriller, Romance, Kids, Award winners and anything you can ever search for. The sorted and organized genre makes it easy for the users to search for the video they are looking for. Nonetheless, in the situation, if you don’t have the foggiest idea about the name, at that point you can sort the things by length or in alphabetical order. There are also some unique and exciting sections like how to, Not on Netflix, Special interest, highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, viral, etc.

Other Sneaky Features

When the user login from an account then, TubiTv tracks the data of what they are watching and makes sure that they can resume the video where they left off last time. One can also identify the movies they have already seen on TubiTv. As the website is partnered with Starz and Paramount pictures, the content is free and legal to watch. Even though TubiTv is ad-supported, the number of ads and the ad time are very less compared to the other sites.

Users can also receive movie suggestions from friends and share own favorites to them instantly. The next episodes list is displayed at the down the video which helps the user moving on. To the right side of the video, the details of the video such as the genre it is categorized in, the actors in it, director of the film, etc. are there.


TubiTv is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices and OTT devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Sony, PlayStation 4, Samsung and Amazon Fire TV. TubiTv delivers the viewers with many goodies for free of cost and that too without any issues.

Final Thoughts

TubiTv is fun, helpful and unambiguous to use. With the extensive collection of the videos, one can marathon their favorite TV series, movies, etc. without any disruptions. TubiTv is the number one streaming site where we can relax, and watch their favorite content online in a spree. The services it provides are so good that one can’t expect more from a free streaming site. In the event that you can stand the promotions, there’s no reason for not going for TubiTV. So download the app, create an account, and enjoy watching your favorite contents anywhere.

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