25 Sad Movies on Netflix You Should Watch In 2019

Netflix is a popular company offering streaming services that are based in America and begin its operation in the year 1997. Initially, their services were limited to delivering DVDs of movies at homes and later they started offering the streaming services. Presently, they have enabled a very large number of people to watch movies online and TV shows on demand. Actually, they have built a solid reputation as one of the best platforms where one can watch their favorite stuff anytime and can choose from thousands of options.

If you love watching movies, you must go with Netflix. The biggest benefit is there is no strict upper limit on the movies and you can watch exactly when you want it. With Netflix, you get access to some of the best action, thriller, sad & romantic movies. This holiday season you can watch the best collection of sad movies to make you emotional. Check out the best sad movies that you can watch on this platform.

15 Best Sad Movies On Netflix To Make You Emotional

1. Schindler’s List

It is one of the very best movies with a huge fan following. Based on the real story of Oskar Schindler who saved the life of more than 1000 Jews, it gained a lot of popularity. It shows the true struggle of a man who survived one of the darkest phases in the history of humans. It’s a great inspirational movie that reflects the time when World War II just started. It is exclusively available on Netflix to watch.

2. Dead Poets Society

It is one of the saddest movies that gained a lot of popularity after its release. If you need to understand the difference between romanticism and realism, this is one of the must-watch movies for you. It is a story based on a student’s life where they study in an educational institution with the anti-youth administration. A replacement English teacher comes and teaches them romance with a passion. The English Teacher character has been played by Robert Williams who explains his students about the true meaning of life.

3. Forrest Gump

Well, it’s a story of an emotional man with poor I.Q but good intentions. He is taught by his mother and is allowed to choose his destiny. The movie reflects his struggles and the impact of his childhood friend Jenny on his future. Gump can be seen in the movie facing a lot of tribulations and didn’t allow anyone to interfere with his joy. This is where some people think it’s an emotional movie.

4. In Pursuit of Happiness

In Pursuit of Happiness is a popular emotional movie that reflects the struggle of a man, a father and in fact a husband in one character. It shows what a common man has to do in order to survive in life and what parents can do for their kids. It is available on Netflix and you can watch it anytime you want. It was one of the best movies of its time which give a clear message and i.e. with the support of the family; a man can achieve anything in life.

5. My Left Foot

My Left Foot is an emotional story that is based on reality. It is actually the story of an Irish author Christy Brown. Many people have reviewed it as a blend of determination, sadness, as well as frustration. The prime character has been played by Daniel Day-Lewis for which he got an Oscar. The true courage and determination of a man have been reflected in this movie. You can watch it anytime on Netflix.

6. Dear Zachary

Dear Zachary is actually based on a true story and the director Kurt Kuanne has dedicated it to one of his best friend Andrew Bagby who was murdered brutally by his own girlfriend. The sad part of the story is his girlfriend was pregnant with his own child. The movie reflects the legal battle of Andrew’s family with his murderer. It gave an emotional impact on so many people who watched it. If you want to know about this story, you can watch Dear Zachary on Netflix.

7. The Break-up

The Break-up is a pretty nice movie to watch if you actually want to know how to create a good bond with your loved ones. It also reflects what the expectations of a woman from her man are. The movie shows what exactly happens in most of the relationships when one cares and the other doesn’t. You can simply watch it on Netflix. It simply boosts your knowledge of investing in a relationship and making it better.  Although its ending is not very happy, the title suits the last scene in the movie.

8. Atonement

Atonement is a love story of a girl with his own housekeeper. All that goes between both of them is simply was misunderstood by the younger sister of the girl. This is exactly where their life started becoming complicated. The movie is a blend of romance and emotions and if love watching such documentaries, you must go for it. It is available on Atonement.

9. The Road

The Road is the story of a son his father who try to survive in an apocalyptic wasteland. It is a sad movie that ends with a clear and strong message and i.e. a man should never leave the hope. The true struggle of a father to save his son has been reflected in this movie. It inspires viewers for the continuous struggle. You can watch it simply on the Netflix platform.

10. The Place Beyond The Pines

It is the story of a mythical and mysterious bike racer and his former lover Romina. It shows the robberies conducted by Luke (the rime character) on his bike and thus there are lots of stunts to enjoy. You can watch this movie anytime on Netflix.

11. Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station is a true story of an Oscar. He was actually a bay area resident and the movie shows how he crossed the path on the last day of 2008 with friends, strangers, as well as with enemies. You can watch it to know about the violence of Police against the Black community. With excellent acting skills, the cast has made it one of the best movies that everyone must watch.

12. The Imitation Game

This is another sad movie on Netflix that you must watch. Based on the real-life of Alan Turing, this is really a stunning movie. The three important periods of his life have been reflected in this movie. It shows how he was hired by the British government during World War II days to break the code of German defense forces.  If you watch properly, this movie inspires you a lot and lets you know how to control your emotions too.

13. On Golden Pond

This Oscar-Winning movie deserves a lot of respect. If you are yet to watch it, Netflix is the platform that can help you. It is basically a movie that shows the relation between the old and the young ones in the 21st Century. It is the story of a man with simple ambitions. The work done by the casting team in this movie is the best in every aspect.

14. Strong Island

Strong Island is one of the best movies which is actually the real story of the producer’s brother. The movie put a lot of questions on the judicial system that let the killer of his brother go free and the story is based on it. You can watch it on Netflix anytime you want. It reflects strong emotions and sadness on this theme. You must watch this movie if you are interested in knowing what exactly a common man has to do to get justice.

15. Milk

Milk is a movie that is based on a gay’s life. It shows their struggle to get basic respect from the community just like others. It is true that their rights are highly unrecognized in different parts of the world. The movie is based on the same theme. Check it out on Netflix. There are lots of other movies that you can watch on Netflix if you have subscribed to their streaming services.

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