Showbox Not Working – What Happened & How To FIX IT?

Showbox not working. What could be the reason? We all know Showbox is a very popular application for video streaming. It basically worked as a one-option app where you can find everything sorted in one place or in one platform. With great popularity Showbox also allowed its users to download videos on their portable devices to stream them offline to watch later. However, recently it was in the news that the Showbox app has stopped working for some time now. The popularity of this major app suddenly got doomed without any proper justification.

People around the world are highly curious to know the reason behind the sudden shutdown of this app. People are finding answers on whether Showbox is really technically dead or not. The sudden shutdown of this app has made the global audiences very remorseful and they are finding ways to restore this app with any technique or software. Also, there are millions of people out there who are still using such a free movie streaming application instead of using a video app like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

For the past week, Showbox stopped working and users have gotten error messages when attempting to utilize the application and there has been no clear sign with respect to whether the application has closed down for good. Well, today we are going to talk about the reason and the detailing about why the popular video streaming app Showbox stopped working and what the users can do to restore or solve this major issue to continue watching a free video, movies, and TV shows.

Reason Why Showbox Not Working

1. Showbox Server Down

showbox not working

Showbox stopped working as the majority of servers from where it pulls stream stopped working. Every time the user plays any content; the black screen pops up. Users who have attempted to open the application have received an error message. Also, you may face an error in the beginning that Showbox has quit working because of unpredictable performance.

2. Legal Issue

This Happened To Showbox

As we all know, Showbox was a website for streaming illegal video content which was against the law of the government. However, the lawyers of various television networks and television distributors have filed a lawsuit against this app for its illegal content delivering over the internet. The lawsuit against users, promoters have this has compelled this application to get shut down. Even developers are not allowed to have their own website.

3. Frequent Crash

showbox crashing

Showbox has always been an unstable app. The frequent bug has made crashes and freezes while playing any content. This may be due to server or memory issues. You can’t use Showbox if using an outdated Android version or device with less memory.

How To Solve Showbox Not Working Error

Similarly, as with for all intents and purposes any error, you jump on an Android cell phone or tablet, the primary fix to attempt is basically to reboot the phone. Rebooting an Android gadget is speedy and will in a split second flush out any arrangement issues or memory glitches that may be creating error messages. However, rebooting the phone doesn’t fix your issues, it gets your phone in a spotless state where to attempt the different fixes in this article. For most Android gadgets, basically, press and hold the Power button until the restart menu shows up. This will typically offer you the decision of restoring the phone, restarting, or canceling. Select the restart choice and let your Android gadget get to operate in a normal mode.

1. Fix Showbox Server Issue

Also, the server has gone down or been moved, yet Showbox doesn’t get this and continues attempting to visit the server that it “knows” is out there. For this error, the fix is brisk and simple.

  • Stop the Showbox application and shut it down.
  • Explore to Android Settings, App Manager and afterward the Showbox application.
  • Select Clear information and let the procedure complete.
  • Select Clear cache and allow the procedure to complete.
  • Restart Showbox and retest.

2. Update Showbox

The latest version of this application is coming up with glitches and error messages. It is recommended to fix this error issue by updating the latest version of this app to an upgraded one. Also, the latest version sometimes doesn’t support your Android phone and thus fails to run on your phone. To quickly resolve this issue, just uninstall the latest version of this application and switch to the old version to continue streaming free videos.

3. Showbox Alternatives

Apart from Showbox, there are many more legal alternatives where you can watch your favourite movies and shows online. Websites and applications like Hotstar, TubiTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime are completely legal and safe to use.

Well, this essentially covers all the significant and minor issues that create hindrances while utilizing the Showbox app. In any case, there can be some different issues because of a deficiency of RAM, gadgets getting exhausted, and so on. You can restart your phone in such cases or enable your gadget to rest for some time. But as per the latest updates coming, Showbox is not working and dead due to litigation.

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