How To Watch HGTV Network Online

Talking from my personal experience shows like ‘love it or list it’s, ‘Property brothers’ have left me craving for more. HGTV is an immensely popular television channel, owned by the infamous company Discovery, Inc. HGTV stands for Home & Garden television but it is popular as HGTV.  The channel is pretty popular in the United States.

If you like watching the programmes of HGTV then let us inform you that there are more than one ways you can watch the channel online. Since most of you rely on online for any sort of entertainment needs, we thought of giving you the options that are available to watch HGTV online. Hulu is extremely famous and HGTV is available on Hulu, so you can stream HGTV on Hulu. But, as we said there is more than one way, let’s find out the other ways to watch HGTV online.

Where To Watch HGTV Network Online

1. HGTV on Philo

Philo is a popular streaming platform which is quite affordable. However, it doesn’t offer any sports contents.  HGTV is available on Philo and the best thing is you can get it for just $16/month. Isn’t that awesome?

Philo offers a free trial period to its users like many other platforms. Looking at the pricing, I can tell you that this is one of the affordable ways to watch HGTV online. Along with HGTV, you can have access to other networks such as BBC America, AMC, TLC, FYI, Comedy Central, MTV, Food Network, History, Nick, etc. Philo can be accessed from quite a few devices like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android, IOS and a few more.

2. HGTV on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue was launched by Sony in the year 2016. This is a great podium which gives access to a huge number of TV channels.  The core packages begin at $50/month, it gives access to 50 channels. They also offer one week free trial period to the viewers.

HGTV is available on Vue. However, if you think you require a PlayStation to use Vue then you’re simply wrong!  Vue can be accessed from Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, IOS devices, Chromecast, PlayStation consoles, etc.

3. HGTV on Fubotv

Fubotv is quite a popular streaming platform which gives access to a few pay television networks. The best part is you can watch the contents live and would be able to record shows on the cloud storage.  This is another way to watch HGTV online.  Fubu TV includes HGTV along with 80+ channels in their base package.

They offer you one week free trial period. Post-trial period, for the basic package they charge you $44.99 (only the first month) and then it is $54.99/month. You have the privilege to cancel your package according to your convenience.  FuboTV can be accessed from Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast and many more.

4. HGTV on Sling TV

Sling TV has made a buzz in the past few years.  It is a great streaming platform which has almost everything in store for you. You can watch HGTV on Sling TV. This is one of the best options to watch HGTV online as HGTV is inserted in all the base plans of Sling TV.  The basic package starts from $25/month. Another exciting part is you can stream HGTV live on Sling TV. They offer you a cloud DVR storage where you can record your favorite HGTV shows.

Apart from HGTV, other popular channels like Food Network, Travel Channel are a very part of the basic package.

5. HGTV on Direct TV Now

Direct TV Now is another way to watch HGTV online.  It is another affordable platform which offers their service at a reliable price.  You can get HGTV in their most reliable package. It will cost you $50 per month.

6. Purchase HGTV Shows Online

If you’re fond of particular shows of HGTV then there’s another way to enjoy them. You can buy your favorite HGTV shows from online platforms like iTunes, Amazon, etc.  You may not want to opt for other online streaming platforms and in that case, this is the best option to enjoy your favorite HGTV shows online.  This option is not much costly. A season pass of shows like Brother vs Brother will cost you around $25.

7. Stream HGTV on HGTV App

You can stream your favorite HGTV content on HGTV App as well as when you subscribe to any podiums as Hulu live, Philo, Vue, etc.  The app is available on various streaming devices.

Look up, folks!  I have told you plenty of ways to watch HGTV online. Pick one of these and binge watch HGTV online!

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